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Can anyone tell me what this is "Instant Desktop" i know about the Asus instant desktop but this is something different. I noticed it today when going to "Show hidden icons" it seems to be a program that allows me to switch between different desktops. However i think it may be malicious as i have not installed it nor can i see where it is installed nor can i see a process for it in task manager.

Anyone know?

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  1. Some OEMs (Samsung, Acer, etc) offer these sorts of applications to allow a small Linux distro to be used in lieu of Windows (and the long boot times) to handle some tasks(web browser for example).

    Are you using a brand name system with multiple pre-installed applications?
  2. No, its a custom build that i installed windows on.
  3. Then download and install malwarebytes (at Be sure to update it before performing a full/complete scan Remove everything it finds.

    BTW, what anti-virus program are you using? And, if this offending application listed in your Control Panel/Programs and Features list?
  4. Also, did you install any apps from the CD/DVD that came with your motherboard?
  5. I did install drivers from a CD that came with the laptop but no apps that i can remember.

    Thats the funny thing it doesnt show up in add/remove items, there is no systems process for it and it doesn't show up in MSCONFIG
  6. Have you done the malware scan yet?
  7. Hi, yeah scanned it with Malware Bytes (which kept popping up saying it had blocked access to suspicious site through svchost.exe) found nothing, also scanned with Avast again found nothing.
  8. That is an odd reaction by Malwarebytes. So it returned an empty list?

    If so, re-run while in Safe Mode without networking.
  9. Do you have AMD GPU. If you have, then you probably installed HydraVision (the switching between desktop function sounds like HydraVision).
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