What would be your ideal resolution on a 15.4 laptop display ?

Hello everybody, I'm about to buy a new laptop, probably Dell precision m4300, and I really hesitate for the screen resolution.

So what is for you the ideal resolution on a 15,4 16:10 laptop display ? (independantly of price)

And your current one ?

About screen resolution, obviously now the OS fonts and display ratio can be changed so the higher could be the better, however it does not always work very well, especially in browsers

as for me I hesitate between 1920 and 1680

Thanks for inputs, impressions and reasons for choice ? :)

(2 choices allowed, one for ideal and one for current if any)
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  1. Speaking from a 3D artist's point of view, I chose the 1440x900 for my 15.4" Inspiron. I was about to order 1680x1050 but after looking at an Asus G1S, I realized that with 1680x1050, the toolbar buttons get a little on the small side and so does the text. For what it's worth, the 15.4" Macbook Pro ($2000) uses 1440x900 and that's obviously geared towards graphic artists.
  2. I think the ideal on a 15.4'' laptop is 1680x1050. I went with a 17'' screen so I got 1920x1200 and I love it. Tons of real estate to work with and I don't mind the smaller text size.
  3. Thanks for the input, by the way below a nice table relating display sizes resolution and dpi :

    taken from :


    so 1920 on a 17" is 133.3 dpi and 1680 on 15.4 128.6 dpi , so a bit less ...

    But I think I will go for 1680 , if all the OS and apps were scaling properly though I would like a 300dpi display, at least ! :)

    (after all good quality printing on paper for text goes up to 3200 dpi ! )
  4. Oh and by the way, what about glossy/shiny versus non shiny ?

    I think I will go for non shiny but now I hesitate :)
  5. Glossy screens result in better color representation, but are a pain in the *** in terms of glare (I know because my lappy is a glassview). I prefer the glossy anyway, it just looks so much better IMO.
  6. I second lostandwandering, go with glossy. Glare sucks but so do dark screens. I have a matte finish on my screen and I always find it seems much dimmer and less vibrant; especially when my wife or coworkers with their glossies sit next to me. :/
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