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Hello, I have recently built a new computer and everything runs fine except almost EVERY game I play always crash. It takes me back to the desktop and I get the program has stopped working message after about 10-20 minutes. It not only crashes on highend games but minecraft and other lowend games crashes with the same error. All my drivers are updated, I have .net framework installed, I updated the bios, I ran memtest and it came up with no errors, I tried changing the compatibility to windows xp, it isn't overclocked and I tried rebooting everything. I'm not sure if its a problem with windows or the computer. Please help, I have no idea whats wrong and I'm out of ideas. Specs below

CPU- i5 3570K 3.4GHz with cooler master 212
Mobo- Asrock z77 extreme4
RAM- 8gb Kingston HyperX
60gb ssd with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
1tb seagate harddrive
GTX 560 2gb
Silencer 760 Watt ATX Power Supply
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  1. You should check your temperatures.It may be overheating.
  2. Did you peform a clean install or did you "recycle" a previous Windows install? How are your system temps?
  3. Yes, I did do a clean install. And the temps are fine, around 45-55c when it crashes.
  4. What speed is your memory running at? If above 1600, drop it back to 1333 to see if it stabilizes.
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