EUROCOM's QuadCore+SLI notebook !!!

here :,188,0)

Q6700+2x7950GTX+4GB RAM+ 750GB HDD , (u can upgrade ur vga when new 88xx comes out ) :D
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  1. Nice try, but you're slightly behind. That's assuming that NVidia will release the 8800s (maybe skip to next gen like they are rumored to do with desktops). You can actually put the 8700mGT in there and have it work. Not sure why you would want to right now though.

    Tom's even did a review (no link though?!?)

    Actually, this one has it:
  2. Supposedly they aren't going to release a GF8800M, only SLi 2 GF8700Ms. Of course names change all the time, but the idea of anything even remotely resembling the GF8800 desktop still seems unlikely to me, and the SLi'ed 8700 could be interesting (although I would expect it to be slower than the SLi'ed GFGO7950s.
  3. I saw 8700GT benchmarks somewhere but I misplaced the link. From what I saw thought, the 8700GT would have been a good competitor to the Go7900GTX, but it falls behind the 7950. I think if the 8800s do come out for laptops, they will be nowhere near as powerful and the desktop versions. Puts out far too much heat and requires too much power.
  4. Yep, and there's a few locations that have the GF8700MGT running apps, but the Notebook review one has a good baseline in their review.

    And yeah it puts them right next to 2 spearate GFGO7900GTXs with faster CPUs driving them, but remember, that's 3Dmark, and I think the GF8 and HD2K series look better than real life when it comes to Bungholiomarks.

    I'd say the GF8700MGT is still below the GFGO7900GTX and closer to the GFGO7900GS in real game performance, but in something like Oblivion it's likely at or above the GFGO7900GTX.
  5. well actually that clveo D900C has Core2Duo not Core2Quad , but this eurocom has Core2Quad too ,
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