Vista Explorer Crash, Please HELP!

Hi, I bought a toshiba satellite from walmart around christmas time and it came with windows vista. I had heard bad things, but you cant buy any computer without it anymore. So I brought it home and everything worked fine, until the hard drive in it failed. I took it in to get repairs and everything was fine. I got it back, and the people who repaired it installed all kinds of trials and bloatware on it (real professional, eh?). So, i uninstalled all of it, but, now that I got it back, every time that I click the start bar, windows freezes up for a few seconds and explorer crashes. Itll restart after it crashes, but its still a huge inconvenience, not being able to use the startbar. Ive looked all over, ran spyware tests, uninstalled things, reinstalled things, nothing seems to work. Please, Im desperate, show me a solution tomshardware :D
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  1. I think my friend had the same problem. He did the same thing I found online:
    It's a bit long-winded, but I'd start off by running msconfig and reboot using a basic startup - see if the problem occurs, then disable some of the items that start up automatically & see if you can narrow them down to the one causing the problem. In the old days it was something that occured when system resources were low, but these days it's more down to software running in the background and causing problems. -source

    Hope this helps! Let us know if it does :)
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