Battery problems with my Toshiba A75

Hi everyone, for the last few weeks my laptop has been giving me grief. I have a Toshiba Satellite A75 and for about a week I've been having problems with my battery and power cord. When I have the power cord plugged in and the battery in the laptop the laptop will only run off the battery regardless that it is plugged in. But when I take the battery out It will run just fine on the AC power. I should also add that the only time the battery will charge is when the system is either turned off or hibernating. I just reformatted with XP Pro so I don't think it could be a software issue. Could there be a short in the laptop for the AC power? or a bad battery? Has anyone else seen anything like this? Thank you all for your help.

Specs: Pentium 4 Mobile 3.2 Ghz, 1.5 GB DDR, 60 GB HDD
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  1. Sure my friend i have the same problem, i tried to resold the jack power but it doesn't work so right now i'm looking for someone that have the same battery so i can test its battery in my laptop. If u found a solution please post the solution, i'll do.
  2. Having same or similar problem w/ my A45-S121. Recently reformatted w/ XP from the factory disk. And now the system thinks it's running on battery even when plugged-in (iGo wallpower adapter--the Toshiba fried on me a couple of months ago). So I can't reinstall XP-SP2 as it says I have to be running on AC. I tried removing the battery and running the update install--no go. Maybe I'll try rebooting w/o the battery in and trying it again.

    Having all kinds of grief w/o SP2 installed....

    The Power Saver utility has been wonky for quite awhile, but I just lived w/ it. Today, I uninstall/reinstalled it w/ no change.

    Interestingly, I reformatted last April and had NONE of these problems. The conspiracy-theorist in me says it's how they're going to get me to upgrade to Vista.... :non:

  3. Lookie Lookie what I found! Hope this helps, I'm going to try it.
    (at: This is the forum recommended on the Toshiba site. Here's the text in case you don't want to go there:

    Classic for a power socket issue that is well KNOWN in that generation Toshiba laptops. Lucky you, Toshiba America has given Toshiba America machines an EXTENDED warranty good till November 2007, so it is SERVICE TIME
    - has worldwide service provider information. Get it IN for service, you only have 2months left on that extended warranty

    John - WUGNET

    later post:
    If it is a Toshiba America machine, due to a class action lawsuit they settled and part of the settlement was a extension on your warranty till Nov 2007. You can find details on that at, but you can also contact a Toshiba ASP/PASP about it since they all should know about this.

    And yep, if not covered under warranty, then bringing a pigtail out with something like a molex 2 wire socket would probably solve the problem for those willing to and capable of doing the soldering/unsoldering stuff. WHY Toshiba has continued to solder that socket DIRECT to the mobo KNOWING all the complaints/failures in the past is beyond me. Putting the socket on the case and short ribbon cable to the systemboard would solve this issue and probably would NOT be a major expense to Toshiba, but apparently they STILL are soldering to the systemboard. Someone said they had beefed up the attachment point in new machines, but it STILL is a stress point and probably will STILL (but at a lower rate) continue to be a bone of contention

    Take care - Get that machine into Toshiba ASAP if it is a Toshiba America machine and let Toshiba fix it under the warranty would be my suggestion

    Frankly, I am very surprised that someone has NOT come out with another classaction lawsuit over this poorly designed issue (can you say DESIGN FLAW?? I knew you could <vbg!!> doing my best Mr. Rogers schtick)

    John - WUGNET
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