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well...I have a windows 7 desktop and I was gone for two days, I left my com at my parents house so my father could look for a job. When i get back i see him watching kung-fu movies. So now i have viruses on my com. I ty to get the deleted and do a system restore. The next day my computer shuts itself down. I wait and start it up and it goes to a black screen with a little line at the top left corner that keeps blinking. I take it to Fry's and the tech says the the virus deleted the OS (windows7). I tell them that I will take it home to work on it. So I make a recovery cd on my sister's labtop. My question is, from what i have written. Is this truly a operating system totaal wipe-out or something else. If its something else then what do you think it might be?

thanks i know this was a long post
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  1. It looks like the MBR has been deleted. I'd run a scan with an antimalware boot cd, then run fixmbr (google it), then boot and run Malwarebytes to make sure everything is OK. Win 7 hasn't been deleted, it looks like the option to start it has been. Alternatively, I'd reformat and yell at the person who was using the system.
  2. Probably malware but i doubt it deleted the OS.
  3. You sould be able to boot up with the Windows 7 disk and select to do a "startup-repair"
  4. If your computer's system is severely damaged and you can't access the System Recovery Options menu on your computer, you can access it using the Windows 7 installation disc or a USB flash drive, or using a system repair disc if you created one earlier.

    To use this method, you need to restart (boot) your computer using the disc or USB flash drive.
    Insert the Windows 7 installation disc or USB flash drive, or a system repair disc, and then shut down your computer.

    Restart your computer using the computer's power button.

    When prompted, press any key, and then follow the instructions that appear.

    On the Install Windows page, or on the System Recovery Options page, choose your language and other preferences, and then click Next.

    If neither the Install Windows page nor the System Recovery Options page appear, and you're not asked to press any key, you might need to change some system settings. To learn how to do this, see Start your computer from a Windows 7 installation disc or USB flash drive.

    If you are using the Windows installation disc or USB flash drive, click Repair your computer.

    Select the Windows installation you want to repair, and then click Next.

    On the System Recovery Options menu, click a tool to open it.
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