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Hey everyone. My GF wants to get a new laptop. for uses in college and just around the house stuff, ya know whatever. No gaming at all really. So i looked up at dell for a laptop and i was just looking for an opinion on the one i picked out for her. heres a list:
SYSTEM COLOR Midnight Blue edit
PROCESSOR Intel® Core%u2122 2 Duo T7100 (1.8GHz/800Mhz FSB/2MB cache) edit
OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Edition edit
DISPLAY Anti-glare, widescreen 14.1 inch display (1280x800) edit
VIDEO CARD Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 edit
MEMORY FREE! 2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 667MHz edit
HARD DRIVE FREE! 160GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM) edit
OPTICAL DRIVE 24X CD writer/DVD Combo Drive edit
WIRELESS NETWORK CARDS Dell Wireless 1390 802.11g Mini-Card edit
BLUETOOTH OPTIONS Built-in Bluetooth capability (2.0 EDR) edit
BATTERY OPTIONS 85Whr Lithium Ion Battery (9 cell) edit
SOUND OPTIONS High Definition Audio 2.0 edit

total cost: 1,018 USD

i didnt add any of the other crap on there, like usbs and software security, so this is just the hardware. anyways im thinking of cutting back on the CPU and save a hundred dollars to the T5250. of course tho, dell motherboards dont overclock so its pretty crappy CPU and i wasnt sure if it would be good enough really. Im kinda new at this, because i usually buy gamer pcs and stuff, so i dont really know what qualifies as fast in terms of non-gaming. anyways thanks for the help. and if possible, if you know of any other sites i could go to to get an even better deal than dell, please share. Thanks.

Edit: oh i forgot to add, if anyone happens to find any coupons for dell as well, please share. i took a quick search on google and didnt find any :(
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  1. Nicely built. I would step up to the next best GPU, if you would like this baby to last. I have learned to never go with Intel after what happened to my Dimension 3000. It's absolutely useless, because of the integrated GPU.

    Better deal than Dell...there aren't really any sites that I know of. Even Newegg is more expensive for most laptops.

    I would stick with the CPU you have now.

    Your order will probably be delayed, like a lot, maybe a month.

    I ordered an Inspiron 1520 on the 17th of last month, and the "estimated ship date" is on the 28th of this month.

    Message me if you have questions. :)
  2. lmao alright. the next gpu they offer is the 8600 for like $200 and im not sure if she even really needs that at all.
  3. sorry i mean the 8400m gs for another $100. is it worth it over the integrated?
  4. I wouldn't say the 8400 is worth it - the Intel X3100 is a very capable card. You can even play Half Life 2 at a decent FPS on it. It's more than powerful enough for web browsing, movie watching etc etc.
  5. DONT BUY THIS DEAL! Check my post above yours for the deal I got. I got a $300 coupon....just PM for it......
  6. well problem. she bought it without my help. and unfortantely picked the wrong laptop. so before she cancels it, whats the difference between the cpu i picked, and an AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-56 (1MB/1.8GHz)

    performance and energy wise. im pretture sure core 2 smokes it though.
  7. woah just found a site for coupons got the $325 off. but i found an even better deal if i get the vostro laptop (small business version) should i get that instead? its got pretty much the same setup but for $100 cheaper. do they allow non business people to buy them? lol
  8. The Core 2 smokes it. There really isn't a difference between the two laptops. The business version just looks uglier. :lol:
  9. The business version comes without the crapware. If you want your system to run its best right out of the box, get the Vostro. Qwazzy is right. The Core2 is an all around better CPU than the Turion X2.
  10. cool cuz its cheaper and comes with a graphics card for same price :)
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