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This is a bluetooth headphone/headset that compatible with iPhone/iPad... but after adding this to my bluetooth device on my laptop (DELL XPS 1530), THE PERIPHERAL DEVICE DRIVER is not installing and the Device cannot working with my laptop!
Specially i use VLC and iTunes and WinAmp on my XPS 1530!

The question is:

How can i pair PLTBB903+ with windows7 (64bit) on my DELL XPS M1530 (Dell truemobile 355 Bluetooth + EDR) ???
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  1. Hi HZM I am having identical issue with 64-bit Windows & Toshiba... how did you go for a solution?

    thanks in advance.

  2. I was having the same problem with my Bluetooth headset. After many fruitless searches I looked in my Device Manager under the Bluetooth radio entry and got the name of the device. I then searched Dell's driver site for the name of the device (Dell Wireless 375 Bluetooth Mobile in my case). They had a driver which I installed and the headset now works perfectly. Prior to that I had installed an update from Windows Update that pertained to the Bluetooth 375 device. The Update had not had an effect I could see, but the Dell driver solved the problem. My PLTBB9903+ is now set up take dictation. In fact I used it to write part of this entry.
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