Where the hell are the 40GB 7200 rpm SATA hard drives.

Are they going to be produced or do the producers want us to pay more- make more money if we buy the 80GB SATA H/D's.


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  1. seems like most people who are willing to pay the price premium for sata would be buying more than 40gb
  2. In most cases it's cheaper to buy the larger HD then a smaller one. Deponds on the size. I know I just bought a WD Caviar SE Serial ATA 120 GB SATA 8MB Cache. And I love it. Tho I wish MS would realize a lot of people are tired of Floppys.

    Only set me back $150 CDN. And was only 10 more then the EIDE version of it.
  3. The closest thing (sizewise, at least) is a Raptor.

    No reason to not get an 80GB drive, they're usually faster, only a little bit more expensive, and have double the storage.

    Damn Rambus.
  4. SATA is more of a high-end PC feature so I wouldn't think companies would waste time designing SATA models for the smaller drives. At least this seems to be the marketing theory on the Western Digital website.
  5. I thought that lesser storage = faster access times.
    Since it wouldn't have to search for every sectors of the disks.

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  6. Yeh but if you want faster access times just partition a 80Gb it to 2x40gb partitions.

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  7. higher data density = faster access times (why 250GB drives are so fast)
    more platters = faster access time (one of the reasons why the 74GB raptor is faster than the 36.7GB raptor)

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