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PC Speakers vs home cinema???

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December 31, 2003 1:43:29 PM


I want a good quality surround speaker system for music, videos, games in this order of priority. My budget is about $500US or £300GBP. I use audigi 2 sound card. I think based on THG reviews that the suitable computer speakers would be Creative GigaWorks S750.

On the other hand for this sort of money i could buy a home cinema system with optical/coax input for audigy 2 output, for example from sony or any other brand for the similar price and plus they include dvd player.

The question i have to you all, is how do Creative GigaWorks S750 compare to the home cinema packages in terms of sound quality? Which home cinema package would be comparative to Creative GigaWorks S750 speakers? Are there any problems in conecting home cinema package to the audigi 2 card that i should be aware?



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February 17, 2006 1:37:40 PM

Hi Pal,

I own the S750´s and just to put it simple: THEY ROCK!!! 700W RMS sound output in THX quality is really great. They have nice clear highs and mids, and the woofer, yea, that rocks too!!! I always say that S750´s subwoofer is so great that the music you listen to sounds absolutely soft thanks to the neat bass sound that sub produces, its like listnening to an good old LP...and even when you max up the volume, it still has ABSOLUTELY (i mean in therms of what you can hear) clear sound, so i have no choice but to RECOMMEND you Gigaworks S750. GO FOR THEM!!!