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Razer carcharias sound not working

Last response: in Windows 7
August 7, 2012 5:04:11 AM

I bought my Razer Carcharias awhile back, I take very good care of them. I use them for gaming and without a headset i cant do anything. i would guess about 6-7 months later i get this problem and I've done some looking around and looking at threads but no one has givin me a reason answer to fix this sudden disappointment. Did my headset break? My headset works in my itunes, but NOT in Google Chrome (Youtube, ect....) and In communication programs such as TeamSpeak3. My mixer levels has always been at 100% and still are, never changed. My volume control on my headset is at MAX, still cant hear. And my Realtek Audio Manager says everything is enabled and working. I can do voice checks and sound check perfectly. But I just cant hear within Youtube and Teamspeak3. I have not tried joining any games yet. PLEASE HELP!!!!! I need my headset to work! :bounce: 

- When i play my itunes, i just discovered that i only hear the music, but not that artist singing. The artist is very low.....Never has happened till right now i noticed.
January 26, 2013 2:32:21 AM

I'm having your EXACT same problem, my sound just for no reason only played sounds and no speech was given at all. I was watching youtube until it just randomly stopped, and the audio is just terrible now.
June 27, 2013 1:52:24 PM

At least im not the only one with this problem...

I think its just this 1 frequency thats broken, cause i can hear whispering and even dubshit is broken :/