How can I transfer my photos form the phone to my pc(Motorola v3a RAZR

Hi guys I'm really desperate this is my last choice to look for the answer.

I have Motorola v3a RAZR and when I connect it to the pc it asks me for cd.

I don't have any cd or drivers I just connected the phone by usb cable to my desktop.

No I don't have bluetooth, I had it on my laptop but it's sold.

Can some one pleeeeeease help me with this?

To send me an iso of the driver cd or anything....?

I googled "Motorola v3a RAZR drivers" and all I came up with is some old drivers that work with windows xp.....

I'm using windows vista home premium 64bit and I used the "Windows Update" feature and it simply asks me for the CD again x.x

Please help this really sucks....
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  1. bump?
  2. Dude go register on modmymoto for free you'll find all the goodies associated with modifications to the basic transferin photos. P2ktools should do it along with p2k drivers you need.
  3. plz, check in the motorola webstite.
  4. you can use cable usb
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