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Hello all,

I've decided to get with the times and purchase my very 1st cell phone. What I am looking for is a high quality camera cell phone. I am wondering if folks can make recommendations based off my needs. I've gotten easily lost and confused with all the choices out there, and I'm sure there are nuiances to most of these phones that aren't advertised that you only discover from actually using it.

Features that are very important to me:
3G support in US
Xeon flash or better
High quality optical lens (as far as phones go)
5 megapixels or higher
User friendly
Long battery life
Good phone connection, no static, no dropped calls, clear sound - I also don't want to have to scream into the phone for the other person to hear me
High quality video recording (as far as phones go)
Small size
Large memory space
SD slot or micro SD slot
Bright, and easy to read/view LCD Screen even in sunlight

Features that would be a bonus
Music player
Video player - looking for a wide variety of video formats
Ability to surf the net
Ability to connect the phone through usb to a laptop in order to use it to connect to the internet on the go.

Features that I don't care about
Text messaging
Looks - I don't care if its not the most fashionable looking thing, as long as its functional

So far I've been looking at the Nokia N82 - but this does not have 3G support in the US. I'm looking for something like this with 3G support and doesn't sacrifice camera quality and battery life. Looking at AT&T for a service provider. Any help would be immensely appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Iphone?
  2. He said he needs a high quality camera.... so not the iphone then...
  3. Yea the iPhone is a great phone but the camera is terrible.

    The Sony Ericsson C905 is a really good camera phone but i don't think it has 3G either.

    And there is supposed to be a 12megapixel Sony phone coming out called the U500 but i havent heard much about it. It's supposed to come out sometime early 2009.
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