Do any other carriers sell the iphone? Ive been using my friends and i think im in love.

Ive think i have convinced my dad to switch carriers but we need unlimited talk and text. Its $430 a month at att

So do any other carriers sell the iphone?

Could I buy an unlocked Iphone and use it with T-mobile
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  1. Jailbreak it and you'll be good to go. Jailbreaking it is pretty easy too
  2. Jailbreaking does not unlock the phone.
  3. Hi,
    I am Stella and I believe that everyone should say that whatever comes in those minds. I think I phone is the best phoned I am currently using it. I like its advance features.


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  4. In the U.S., the iPhone is currently only available on AT&T. As other posters have noted, you can "jailbreak" your phone and use it on T-Mobile's 3G network--but that is the only other US network you can use your jailbroken iPhone with. In my opinion, Jailbreaking the iPhone is risky because it voids your warranty. It is possible that Apple's exclusivity with AT&T will come to an end in the near future, but that means Apple will have to come out with a different version of the iPhone that doesn't rely upon a GSM/3G network (as I said, T-Mobile is the only other option in that category). Apple will need to put a different radio chip in the phone to make it compatible with Verizon or Sprint.
  5. I think Jailbreaking iPhone is quite hazardous.
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