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Hi, does anyone know any good brands that make sub $1000 audio interfaces. I'm thinking things like the m-audio delta 66, or the edirol DA-2496. So far I've just researched m-audio and edirol.

I'm sort of looking for two different things and I can't make up my mind. Eventually I want to have at least 8 inputs available for recording (drum set). The edirol has 8 in and 8 out, which would be great except I don't think I can afford it right now (around $1000 I think). So I'm also looking at interfaces with 2-4 inputs and less features like the m-audio delta 44 or even the m-audio USB MobilePre 2x2 (2 inputs), which is more like $200. I will be recording guitar and bass guitar and hopefully drums.

If anyone knows of other good brands out there please let me know (not creative or other consumer audio things).
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  1. "make sure your not have a VIA motherboard"
    M-audio Delta 1010 will suit your need for recording the whole drum set, but you will still need mic premap for each of your mic, but great sound and value

    edirol.... don't know anyone using their audio interface, but i like thier SD-90 sound modual, , great for game music!!, and it's also a USB audio interface with ASIO drive. i have a controler keyabord from them

    any USB related products uses more CPU

    I'm currently using a cremware pulsar2 with Behringer ADA8000 (a 8in 8 out ADAT i/o) that ADAT comes with mic preamp on each inputs so it's great for the price!! sound quality is good for me)

    links to where to ask and buy!!
    happy music making!!

    ASUS A7N8X, xp3200+ (217x10.5, 2.65v), 2xKINGSTON HYPERX PC3500 512MB(217mhz, at 2 3 3 7, 2.6v) segate 120g 8mb ATA100 segate 80g 2mb ATA100, Creamware pulsar2, ATI9800pro 128mb, audigy2zs
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