Samsung i760 not connecting to EV-DO

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I just got a Samsung i760 through Verizon. The phone is EV-DO capable. I was reviewing the manual and went through the icons for the networks and when I looked at the phone it is indicating that it is connecting to the 1x RTT network (which is much slower than the EV-DO). The city I am in is blanketed by EV-DO coverage according to Verizon's coverage map. It has been over 24 hours since the phone was activated so it's pretty reasonable to rule out server propogation in regards to the account being placed on the new network.

Has anyone else had this problem with their Verizon phone not connecting to the EV-DO network?
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  1. Did you try in other areas of the city?

    Did you try contacting Verizon directly to get an idea of a place where you should be guaranteed E-VDO connectivity? Coverage maps are 'best guesses', where you currently are may be able to get E-VDO but it may require ideal conditions.
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