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12 screen presentation solution?

Last response: in Technologies
April 9, 2012 6:36:14 PM

Any ideas on any solutions for this brief from anyone would be appreciated. I was given this brief and want do tdo something as i have never turned down work before.

Thanks Guys!

"I need to be able to do sales presentations in a variety of locations to groups of people - say 3-12 in number.
I need to be able to show a series of photographs or powerpoint but there often won't be facilities for a projector or large monitor.
I want to be able to provide handheld portable monitors/displays to enable the attendees to view my photographs but the images need to be controlled from a central point (me) via laptop, phone etc to ensure they are seeing the correct image at the same time.
the portable devices need to be as light as possible for transportation, battery powered, preferably reasonably priced, but not cheap and tacky.
I've considered ipads, tablets digital photo frames, difficulty is in controlling multiple displays from one source (ideally without cables). using digital frames possibly as a monitor mirror may be the optimal solution but I haven't yet considered digital glasses or other funky solutions."
April 13, 2012 7:44:01 PM

Video conference like but that product may not work on non-MS stuff.

For hardware, this looks interesting

Sites like this also work

Just need to find what would work with an Android or Ipod, could be stuff in the app market for video conference software.

Just start the video conference, share the dekstop, people on the devices connect to it, and all will see it. Heck, can do it on remote sites as well.