UMPC Showdown: Who Ultimately Cares?

I honestly don't know why anyone would by a UMPC, but here you go:
I suspect that, ultimately, the reception of the X70 will come down largely to price. The S5 has a good price point for such a capable mobile computer, and if the x70 can come in near the same price I think it will be well-received, too. Let’s hope Viliv can bring this baby in as cheaply as possible.
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  1. You mean "buy" :P

    Anyways, I think these people see them as oversized PDAs? Seriously, their displays are large enough to make all those mobile tasks much easier to do?
  2. Hum...

    I have a UX (modified with a core2DUO inside, and a 120gb hdd) which is allways in my pocket... I take pictures, make little videos, surf the web, use a keychain gps when needed, watch 1080P videos, play WoW and eve-online during boring meetings, have full office running faster than on my laptop (dell latitude 531)... and while at home I dock it on a 22 inch screen and use it has a standard deskotp...

    So, I can't understand why people would people use desktop computers? Retarded? ;P
  3. Haha darkerx... it's not clear though which UMPC you're talking about (link please). Also, I've always wondered about interface manipulation on those things... isn't a bit hard with the smaller controls?

    Also, if you can post your thoughts on your UMPC as a new topic, that would be great! Give us desktop junkies a little peek. :D
  4. My prefered UMPC is a modified Sony UX280p (as Sony discontinued the product line... I have found a very bright guy who continues the development of the product alone... he installed a core2duo (U7700) and a 120gb hdd in my UX... making it the most powerfull UMPC ever made...).

    With this device, I have always a versatile it system with me wherever I go, and when docked, its an average desktop PC able to cover most needs (except high end gaming...). So there is no need to synchronize anything as I have the core of my main computer with me anywhere...

    It has:
    -U7700@1.33ghz (but can be adjusted from 485mhz to 1450mhz)
    -weak 950gma (adjusted 200mhz to 400mhz)
    -Touchscreen (if you haven't tried firefox with the grab&drag module and a touchscreen... you can't know what having a clever interface means... :) you can also try cooliris... or play with crayon physics...etc.)
    -trackpoint stuff
    -fingerprint reader to avoid entering manualy all your passwords
    -sliding screen which reveals a little backlighted keyboard (not a productivity tool, but usable...)
    -edge modem, enough for internet/youtube/world of warcraft/eve-online/skype/etc. too weak for webtvs
    -3 to 6 hours on battery, depending mostly on cpu workload and radios (wifi/bt2/wwan)
    -it can run xp/vista/w7/ubuntu/mac osX
    -two cameras
    +I have a 3.5gusb modem when I need it, a bt gps, a car charger, usb-dvd/rw, usb 1 to hdd

    Then, has I always need to have a real computer with me anywhere, but hate having a suitcase for a laptop... I couldn't live without this device anymore....

    (By the way, the guy I was speaking about should soon prepare for me a UX490/core2duo/128GB SSD/XP/vista/MacosX... which should be fun too...)
  5. By the way... I also have a desktop pc, intended only for gaming... well I haven't started it for half a year now...(6850@3.8ghz/2gb ram/280gtx deeply oc/Track-ir/g25 steering wheel/Iz3d screen for stereoscopic 3d/etc.)
  6. Haha, looks like mobility is more important for you than power... that desktop can literally blow your UMPC out of the water... at the cost of bulkiness of course :P
  7. Well, the new umpc I have had made can also make voice calls and many useful things that I want to have always with me anywhere:
  8. I also use a desktop for gaming. It is never same on a laptop.
  9. Keith5400 said:
    I also use a desktop for gaming. It is never same on a laptop.

    I agree, you will always have a much better gaming experience on a desktop... but you won't be able to play WoW in an hotel room with it :)
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