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I'm starting college in about 2 weeks, and im looking for a new laptop (or old). I only need it for word processing and MINIMAL internet use. If it doesn't even have wifi, i'll be fine. The monster in my sig is all i need for gaming, so I really don't need anything nice in a laptop.

I'll roll with windows xp or even a machine shipped w/o windows...if anybody can hook me up with a cheap laptop that wont crash on me when i start it up plz hit me up.
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  1. haha, well the only thing i can do is recommend the laptop i purchased. As i had purchased this laptop for the same reasons as you. It is an hp laptop.. the model number is dv2418ca. It comes with a 2.0 ghz core duo processor, 160gb hard drive and 1gb of ram. How ever, it also comes with vista home. I used vista for 20 minuts and was quite frustrated with it. It ran like an old generation celeron. I then put xp pro on it, which was my initial plan to start with.
    I bought this laptop for 910 canadian.. which translates to rougly $850.00 american. I love my laptop =] and i highly suggesst you find the nearest bestbuy/circuit city store around you.
  2. Thanks :D That's a little pricey for me, but I'll keep that 1 in mind :D
  3. super777 said:
    Thanks :D That's a little pricey for me, but I'll keep that 1 in mind :D

    There's alot of cheap new laptops out there for under $500, they'd all pretty much do the minimal stuff you require.
  4. Perhaps this is plugging a post I made, but have you considered waiting for an Asus eeePC. No I don't work for Asus, I am just a cheapskate like you (I am generalizing here) that wants a notebook for productivity not for playing games. As long as you can bear Linux, you don't even need to fork out for an OS or software. We are talking about US$250 with Wifi and a camera. No HDD though, but you can pickup an external USB HDD for peanuts, besides, there are so many web storage sites, you can even save on that as well.
  5. $350 Laptop at CircuitCity
    Acer Aspire 14.1" Widescreen Notebook PC (3680-2682)
    • Intel Celeron M 440
    • 80GB hard drive
    • 512MB of DDR2 memory
    • Built-in 802.11g wireless
    • Windows Vista Home Basic

    I'm thinking about getting it for the same reasons, but if i do i'll either put ubuntu or xp on it, vista basic is just pointless
  6. Nice deal, and considering the eeePC doesn't come with an HDD, it's pretty close price wise, and definitely perfect for the basics.
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