Another noob needs ram help

Some of the games i play simply needs more ram!

Ok this is what i have atm.
Athlon 2400 xp
Asus A7N8X deluxe
512 pc 2700
GeForce 4 TI 4600 128mb
win xp

I have read many posts here, and since im not much of an overclocker i should look for 2*512 mb pc 3200 (3200 because i might want to upgrade the processor in a month or two)
I always read the names Corsair, Crucial, Geil, Mushkin, OCZ and Kingston.
when i look at my local dealer he can get most of these. the only problem is there are soo damn many to choose from..
when looking at prices and such i get down to these:
Corsair Value 512MB (CAS2.5)
Kingston HyperX 512MB (CAS2)
Kingston HyperX 512MB Dual Channel (CAS2)

but i recall something about my motherboard beeing able to use dual channel, like 2 out of the 3 ports support dual channel??

So i would like to know if i should go out and buy
2 * Kingston HyperX 512MB Dual Channel (CAS2)
since thats what my logic tell me to :P

All help really appreciated
Kim Jørgensen
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  1. I am by no means the expert, but I am bored so here are my thoughts.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Asus A7N8X-Deluxe</A>

    Thats your motherboard it DOES support dual channel memory. SO you want to get 2 dimms from same company of same specs.

    I would suggest Geil Golden Dragon Series. The prices are good and I've never heard anything bad about them, plus they look hella cool.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Geil Golden Dragon Ram</A>

    And I would suggest you get at least PC3500 just so you can get it to run stable at faster timings, and to give a little room if you want to overclock.

    Thats my 2 cents, for what its worth. You may want to check with one of the more experienced users before buying though.
  2. As a Geil Golden dragon owner I have nothing to say agaisnt it. Cant say how it works with that MB of yours work like a charm in My P4c rig.
    I second that you should get some 3500 not really more expensive and you never know when youll feel like OCing it a bit, plus Geil run superb at rated speed but dont expect to OC that ram at all...
  3. I can see that Mushkin is probably the best.. but they are simply too expensive..

    In Denmark
    (All PC3500)
    Mushkin 512MB Dual Channel Level2 = 321$ a piece = 642$
    Geil 512MB =192 $ = 384$
    Kingston HyperX 512 dual = 170$ = 340$

    So you see, the Mushkin is really a bit out of my leage.. i dont know what Wussy ment by
    "-Any brand RAM with Winbond BH-5/CH-5 chips DDR400 (95% chance of working)"
    but if the Kingston is in that "other category" ill buy those. The only other PC3500 ram i am able to get my hands on here is Corsars and they cost excately the same as Geil so..

    Sorry, but i really dont know so much about these things..
    and i dont want to buy something wrong
  4. "Thats your motherboard it DOES support dual channel memory. SO you want to get 2 dimms from same company of same specs."

    So the dual channel has nothing to do with when the ram has dual channel?? like Mushkin 512MB Dual Channel Level2?? as long as i get 2 from the same company with same specs its ok?
  5. To my knowledge there is no special ram you have to get to run dual channel.

    Companys are just marketing the RAM as being "Dual Channel" because they package 2 sticks of the same spec ram together.

    Dual channel all has to do with your Motherboard.

    As I mentioned before I am no expert. But I did just recently get myself a new system, so I've been doing loads of reading and asking questions here at THG, so I semi know whats going on!
    For a good confirmation check with wusy or Crashman they seem to kno everything :)
  6. Oh well, i decided what the hell!!!

    i just ordered 2 * 512mb Mushkin level II on the internet, so i guess it will take a week or so before i get em!

    One last thing though woulndt Mushkin PC4000 be better than the PC3500?? theyre actually cheaper also..

    1GB (2x512MB) PC4000 Dual Pack $ 330.00
    1GB PC3500 Level II Dual Pack (2x512MB) $ 366.00 (This is what i bought)
  7. For this kind of system it would be best to choose a memory module that can achieve excellent memory timings. So, the Mushkin 1GB PC3500 Level II Dual Pack is by far the better choice over Mushkin PC4000. Mushkin PC4000 would be more appropriate for overclocking an Intel Pentium4 processor with a 1:1 FSB/DRAM ratio.
  8. Baah, i hate living in Europe.. theres a problem with costums here, so these mushkins simply get to expensive..

    back to
    1024 MB Geil PC3500 DDR433 Golden Dragon Dual Channel Kit CAS 2 6-3-3 1T @ DDR433Mhz

    1024 MB Kingston Hyper X PC3500 DDR400 Dual Channel Kit 434MHz (PC3500) 2-3-3-7-1 (CAS Latency 2)

    OR PC3200, i really dont know how muhc im gonna OC, i mean im gonna buy a Barton 2500 and get the bus to 200mhz as many of you say, but beyond that i really dont think so..

    Corsair TwinX 2x512 MB PC-400 DDR3200 - CAS2, TWINX1024-3200LL - Matched Pair

    TwinMOS TwiSTER 2x512mb DUALPACK pc3200 cl2 (

    1024 MB TwinMOS PC3200 CL 2.5 DualPack (2x512 mb, CH-5 chip) Old model.. twister is the new..

    Now im leaning towards perhaps the TwinMOS Twister (im guessing they are using CH-5 chips also like the older one..)and well they look cool..

    but tell me whats best of the ones i listed?? please i cannot get any other brands. it is simply too expensive to get!
  9. hehe thanx again :P
  10. Hehe already ordered the Geil ones you pointed at earlier..

    i hope these are ok, or should i cancel the order and get the TwinMOS??

    as you can see i take youre oppinions very seriously hehe, cause i dont know jack [-peep-] myself :P
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