Asus m489td pro/usb3 cant get ahci to work

i have the drivers downloaded.

ive gotten it to work once but then i ended up deleted the amd driver thinkinin i didnt need it.


ive did the registry that everyone talks about. no luck.

when i set my motherboard to ahci in the bios it never recognizs my hard drive only my optical dvd drive.

somebody help
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  1. What HDD is it?
  2. mi1ez said:
    What HDD is it?

    hitachi HDS721010CLA332
  3. Have you tried multiple SATA ports?
  4. Try different SATA ports.
  5. RussK1 said:
    Try different SATA ports.

    that didnt work. anyways i finally after 3 days of setting up my pc, got it to work

    actually i went to the amd website and installed optional drivers package. and it had way better updated drivers. seems like asus is done supporting this motherboard.

    but what i did was downloaded from here

    chipset drivers and raid drivers.
    put the raid drivers on a usb flash drive.
    restarted to bios.
    set sata ports to raid instead of ahci.
    booted my windows 7 64bit ultimate disk.
    loaded the raid drivers from my usb.
    installed windows.
    and walla.

    for some reason the amd ahci compatible raid controller wont get recognized when sata is in ahci mode. this motherboard is wierd. my first gaming build. so i will learn
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