M-Audio Revo NOT a good gaming card?

I'm still looking up info for my next soundcard purchase and I came across this review


that states that while the Revo is great for music, its NOT the card for a gamer. It states that this is in part due to its lack of "DirectSound3D hardware acceleration".

I have no idea what this means for games to be honest... But everything I've read states that the Audigy2 is inferior for music sound but better for games so I'm really unsure on if I should get the Audigy2 ZS or the Revo.... Hard when you want music and games. :/
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  1. Personally i don't think Audigy2zs sound worse for music only, a tiny little bit, beucase revo is using their Pro recording soundcard's convertor, however lack of real hardware accelration for game audio drive, which will task you CPU's power and slow down the fram rate from 2~10FPS depens on games.
    and the 3D positioning isn't as good as audigy2

    get audigy2
    you will notice a huge improvement if you had only use Mobo's onboard soundcard.

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  2. Hah! I have the original SB Live. :)
  3. That would depend on what his board had. The nForce APU is top notch, bypassing analog conversion of Codecs by using the digital out, he might like the onboard BETTER than an Audigy2.

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  4. I love my nforce2 audio. There's no way I'd pay money to not use it.

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