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Hi, I bought a laptop in december with Win7 premium 64. And after a few days with it I decided to clean the shovel ware. And there is a program aparently installed called DNA which is apparently for use with Bittorent. The thing is I never installed or heard of it in my life. And I dont even torrent ever. So, when I try to uninstall it it reappears a few minutes later. Ive run MSE, but no viruses or anything like that. I just want to know if it is harmfull and a way to uninstall it.
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    It's also installed as an add-on module with Firefox. Are you running Firefox? If so, check for installed add-ons and you might find it there. If so, just remove it via Firefox's add-on section.

    I don't use bit torrents but a Google search brought this up. Apparently, DNA is a program installed with BitTorrent as a way to speed up internet access.

    So, either it got installed by BitTorrent (which you don't have) or Firefox (not sure if you have it, but I'm willing to bet you do.)
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  3. THX, it worked.
  4. Glad it worked. I can see where it might be installed by Firefox to speed up internet access. However, I usually cast a suspicious eye on these supposed "internet boosters".
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