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Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I'm looking to upgrade my PC display to a TV size. I know I have a video card that can handle it, because I tried it with one of my existing TVs and it worked but the resolution sucked.
I was told that the reason it was blurry was because the TV cant handle the PC resolution output unless it is a HDTV.
My question is, assuming this is true, does the TV I buy have to be a HDTV already or just HDTV-ready? What's the max resolution you can get on a TV that you use as a PC display? I'm looking for about 26-30"; if you guys find any that will work and can link me, I'd appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Resolutions varry a lot with TVs. I believe the max res on an older style tv was around 720x480. I think the max res of a big new HDTV is around 1920x1080 but you would need a tube bigger than 30" for that.
    I would go for a TV that is a definate HDTV and not just HDTV compatable. I read somewhere online that HDTV compatible might mean that the tv can display the signal but it's max res is actually lower so the signal is downgraded to fit the screen.
    You can probably find lots of info on this subject w/ a simple google search. Just look for HDTV resolution or something :)

    Just look at the native res on the screen before buying it to see if it is high enough for you. My friend has a big wideaspect Samsung TV and it even has DVI inputs, that would be convenient :)

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  2. The best resolution you can run on an HDTV is 720p. That's 1024x720 non-interlaced (interlacing makes you loose resolution, doh!). So it's even better than 1080i for computer video.

    Supported modes for HDTV's are usually advertized.

    There are some "high resolution" TV's, as in 800x600 computer monitors made for presentations. I almost bought a Gateway 35" monitor once, 800x600 with the VGA connector, S-VIDEO, composite, and speaker inputs. I was planning to connect a VCR to use as a tuner, and use it as a TV. BTW, it was much, much cheaper than an HDTV.

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