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Not sure if this question belongs here, but:

I have a 74GB 10000RPM drive as my C: drive and a 320GB drive as my D: drive.

By the time I install Windows 7 and World of Warcraft on my C: drive, I'm left with not enough space to install my other games (namely Dragon Age: Orgins and Mass Effect 2) on the C: drive.

My question is whether I am going to see a significant performance hit if I install my other applications and games on D:\Program Files

Added info, is I have 4GB RAM, a C2Q 9450 and an ATI 5850 video card.
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  1. It might help because it's a separate drive, but overall, no you won't see a performance hit unless the D drive is much slower.
  2. I will say that loading and saving time will be a tad bit slower by a couple of seconds.

    If you wanna find out what the actual performance hit is, then install WOW on your D: drive. Measure the load time from both C and D drives.
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