Can\'t find Program Files (x86) after moving to another drive

I have several issues, so one at a time. This all started because I was trying to move the Program Files and Users folders to a hdd so my ssd could be clutter-free. I failed at this somehow. I followed the steps here:

I did something wrong. In the C:\ folder I see the shortcuts to Program Files, Program Files (x86) and Users. However, the only one that works properly is Program Files. For the other two I get an error message saying that the location is unavailable. In the F:\ drive I only see the Program Files folder and the Users folder (the (x86) one has disappeared somewhere).

After failing to find a solution online I decided I should just do a clean install. However, when I use my (authentic) disk I get an error message: "windows cannot install required files " error code 0x800700D
What are my options? I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
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  1. Have you got to the point where you can format the drive? Does the right drive come up as the destination drive to put the Windows install on? If you have the installation running and you have the drives listed then you could delete the partition on the drive you want then create the patition and format it. The Windows disk is probably seeing the Windows folder there and won't accept that drive as the destination drive. By deleting the partition you are effectivly destroying the files and folders on that drive so you can then format it and do a clean install.
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