Portable LED pocket projectors - help wanted!

These days I was thinking about getting one of these small and portable LED pocket projectors. Just for fun, playing around and gadget testing.
It is just out of pure curiosity, I know that I won't get the quality of a 'real' LCD projector, I have one myself. I wouldn't use it for home entertainment though, but taking the device out should be fun, especially if it can be connected to other portable devices like cell phones, cameras, usb drives, etc.

Did anybody buy one of these portable LED projectors? Which experiences did you make and which manufacturer would you recommend?
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  1. Just curious as to whether you've seen/bought one yet. The BenQ Joybee or whatever they call it intrigues me and are now available. The other brands not so much.
  2. I have the BenQ on the radar as well ( the Benq GP1 in my case but should be the same as the Joybee though).

    It seems to me that this category of mini projectors or portable projectors is pretty much standardized in terms of specs. Sure, each manufacturer emphasizes a different spec but in general all products are not too much apart.

    The Benq got good reviews on many important tech sites. So, I am seriously considering to get one. Besides it has a couple of add-ons which I really like and which distinguish this pocket projector from other brands:

    1. The docking station for ipod and iphone - that makes really sense, if ur a gadget freak you're likely to have one of them
    2. the USB interface, you just plug in a stick and can right away navigate through the files on the stick. Navigation is done via the touch pad on the GP1.
    3. 3LED technology for really bright pictures, screensize up to 80"

    I'll see, guess the day is close when I go and get this one...
  3. Go to BenQ's website
    They collect review from tech sites and also endusers. Hope this will help.
  4. See FPS PEARL M3 pocket projector

    contact me :
  5. I ever used mini projector, but for Portable, Do not know too much about them, I think there is no great difference between them if I am not mistaken.
    Check here: projector)
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