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Hello, i am confused. What is the difference between a core 2 duo and an Pentium dual core specifically the Pentium dual core T2080. My brother wanted to know if this was a good computer http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp;jsessionid=ETQHLTJJ4YE5RKC4D3FFAHQ?skuId=8472431&type=product&id=1185265539418

and i am not sure because i do not know about this chip. Thanks for any help in advance!
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  1. The Pentium Dual-Core found in notebooks is essentially a scaled down Core Duo (not to be confused with Core2 Duo).

    It's a 32-bit dual core CPU, but with only 1MB of L2 cache instead of the 2MB typically found on Core Duo chips.

    They're decent processors, and yield similar performance to the Turion X2 from AMD, but get out classed by the Core2 Duo.

    I'd probably even opt for a Turion X2 over the Pentium Dual-Core just simply for the 64-bit support.

    Still, laptops offering the Pentium Dual-Core are usually economical in price and can usually be sufficient for most peoples notebook needs.

    The laptop that you linked to is a decent deal, mainly because it offers 2GB of system memory. It's a relatively good deal.
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