Help i got 5.1 but not 5.1

Help me pls i went to the store and got a 5.1 set geuss it was a bad choice but it was 5.1 so i got it. But the prob is it can't connect to my 5.1 sound card like i want to. I mean i found a way to connect it but i only get sound from my front and center when i test them (I have sound Blaster live 5.1) so you know that's telling me i don't have the real deal all 5 speakers hook up to the sub then i had to take one cord and put it in to the regular digtal input port but i still know i don't have true 5.1 HELP!
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  1. What 5.1 set? That digital out on the Live 5.1 card is proprietary to creative speakers only.
    Do the speakers have analog inputs? Just use those. Set the drivers to analog output only, plug the front speakers into the green plug, the rear speakers into the black plug, and center/sub into the orange plug.
    If you do have creative speakers and want to use the digital plug make sure the drivers are set to do digital output only.

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  2. Look ok yes it has analog and the 5.1 system it's said on the box 5.1 pc or consele gameing speakers and one more thing i can't put them in three holes all the speaker's connect to the sub then sub connect to Digtal Decoder then it 1 plug from decoder to my sound card pls help...
  3. If it says it has analog there must be some way of doing the three connector way. What 5.1 system is it exactly?

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  4. I Had a Site with the speakers but i can't find it but really all it is and says is gameing/pc speakers and what do you mean by 3 connector let me know.
  5. Is it one of these:
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    The 3 connectors are what is used for analog, the green, black and orange connectors.

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  6. Well im gonna take the guess that you got creative inspire 5500 speakers as i did, and i know exactly what you mean i found it impossible to connect using the digital and get it output in 5.1 from my Audigy2 ZS, you can how ever use the cables taht go to the decoder and plug those straight into the sound card but it means you have no volume control (the decoder must still be connected to the speakers) You will get 5.1 out of them if you play DVDs i believe i havet tried it yet but i think it does work, or you you connect to a DVD players or PS2 it will work.
  7. I have a SB Live 5.1 as well, I use it to output digitally to a home theater system.


    For digital output to an external decoder you will want to check "digital output only" and disable AC3 decoding. Test it by playing DVD with a THX speaker test on it.

    For AC3 with DivX/Xvid install AC3 Filter, set it to SPDIF passthrough and select WaveOut as the default audio renderer.


    The Speaker test only says front left, front right because it can only create 2 channel digital signals.

    Currently there is only one sound card capable of real time 5.1 Dolby Digital encoding and that is the NF2's Sound Storm.

    However any sound card with digital output is capable of passing through any existing DD or DTS signal. That is the preencoded 5.1 speaker test on a DVD works, but the mixer's test does not.

    So when everything is set up properly you get DD, DD-EX, DTS, DTS-ES ect from your DVD's and DivX, but only stereo when playing games, running the sound test ect.

    I think Creative cards are capible of outputing a non standard 5.1 digital signal to certain models of Creative Speakers.

    It is my understanding that the wire it uses has 3.5mm 4 pole cable jacks so that it can send three seperate two channel digital signals.

    XBOX's do 5.1 Dolby Digital Encoding. Microsoft demanded that NVIDA include that feature when designing the chipset.

    That's how the NF2's SoundStorm ended up with 5.1 DD encoding.

    Nvidia doesn't seem ready to enter the Soundcard market, and they don't seem interested in integrating SoundStorm with any of their other chipsets.

    Unfortunately no one seems interested in making a soundcard with 5.1 Dolby Digital output. <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Codesmith on 02/26/05 08:00 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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