Sony Vaio RAM Problems

I have a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV26 notebook and I'm trying to expand it's RAM. On the "Marketing Specifications" document (availabe at it says that it's expansible to 1024MB of RAM. So what I did is buy 512MB and install it, taking off one of the 256MB and having in total 768MB of RAM (not counting what the video board uses).
But as I turn the notebook on, it will only show 512MB (RAM + Video) and not the 768MB.
I tried the following:
1) 1 256MB + 1 512MB = 512MB
2) 1 512MB = 256MB (!)
So, as I put only the 512MB chip, the computer says I have only 512MB.
Can the memory be "broken"?
Or maybe the notebook doesn't like the brand? It's a KByte 512MB DDR PC333/266.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. I suggest going to website for complete ram infoon your model. Run their website ram test on your model to find out exactly what you do have. It indicated my new Sony VGN-A790 notebook from Frys contained slower unspecified ram. Their website will also offer complete ram information on your particular model including all ram configurations it can handle & how to install it. I use their website & products after 10 years of looking for notebook ram deals. It is an excellent source for ram information not provided on manufacturer sites. Good info for deciding on purchasing a notebook.
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