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I have a N81 nokia phone i have a problem with my 2 GB micro sd memory card .......the phone read it as 2 GB capacity card.......but when i have some problem with my phone and i want 2 format my card my pc card reader read it as 1 GB memory card.......i format the card but still read it as 1 GB mem card........& when i put it in my phone it reads it as 2 GB memory card and its half full...........

all the best 4 u community
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  1. nokia is the most popullar brand of mobile users. nokia memorycard problem is very rare case,
  2. Is your phone still in warranty? If it is and if you have got the memory card with the phone then you must consider going to the nokia customer care and try getting a solution from them. It should not cost you any money if it is within the warranty period.

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  3. ASK the customer care or else do not format it with card reader some times it is unable to read the memory blocks....

    format it within the phone only......

    hope this helped
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