Can a verizon bluetooth work on my sprint phone

i have a Samsung galaxy s2/ epic with sporting and a Verizon jabra Bluetooth. are they compatible? if so how would i get then to work together?
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  1. They are compatible, bluetooth is a technology, the manufacturers jabra, samsung and others that use it follow a set protocol which allows any bluetooth enabled device to interact (within it's capabilities) with another bluetooth device.
    Turn on your headset (I am assuming the Jabra is a headset and it's charged).
    On your phone, select settings - wireless (or connections or whatever like that) - enable bluetooth. The phone should then prompt you to connect to the headset or another nearby bluetooth enabled device - select the Jabra. You'll be prompted for a security code - type in your headset's security code (4 digits usually) and you should be good to go.
    If it does not recognize the Jabra, leave bluetooth enabled on the phone, turn off the headset for about 10 seconds then turn it back on (you shouldn't have to do that though).
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