Which Laptop is best? (3 choices)

I am familiar with PCs, but laptops are a different case. Recently, I found 3 laptops and they all have practically the same specs: 2GB RAM; Vista Home Premium; 160GB HD; initigrated graphics; 15.4 inch lcd, but each one has a different processor.

The three processors are: Turionx2 TL56

All 3 notebooks go for around $700-750

My choices are between Gateway and Acer. Which processor and laptop brand would you recommend?
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  1. I vote the T5500. Acer just recently bought Gateway, so it doesn't really matter for that.
  2. http://www23.tomshardware.com/cpu_mobile.html

    Definitely the intel ones , but which :

    1_T5500 is a Core2Duo processors which is 64bit and is clocked @ 1.6
    2_T2450 is a CoreDuo processor which isnt 64bit and is clocked @ 2.0

    so its up to u , if u dont want to go with 64bit OS ,then get T2450 its 400MHZ faster and thats noticeable
  3. Appreciate the info
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