once in a blue moon, the computer boots up

I have two ladptops, a Compaq Armada M300 and a Dell Lattitude CPx C610. I know they're pretty old. Both does not boot up, mabe once in a blue moon. The Compaq works when boot up but the Dell freezes if boots up. I'm sure there are lots of reasons why. Any comments and opinions will be appreciated.
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  1. Have you tried reinstalling Windows? Before to back up your stuff before formatting Could try a Repair off the CD. If they didn't come with a copy of Windows but rather with a restore disk, most will let you try a repair of a clean install
  2. g-paw

    The computers does not boot up even with a windows cd. I'm using XP. The Compaq, I've just recently installed windows. It was bad and left sitting there for years. Now, I got lucky on the first few try to boot up and install windows. It still not behaving right with the window xp to boot up with.. The Dell is the same, when it does boot up, it will freezes in a few minutes. Thanks
  3. How much memory do the machines have? For XP you need at least 512MB but preferably 1GB
  4. one is 192 ram with 600 megahertz. the other is 265 ram with 1gb. I have been running XP on the second laptop. it was running fine. I think what really mess it up is when I accidently eject the XP cd while reinstalling windows.
  5. If it were me, and I would look at these machines basically as "I don't care what happens to them", I would try combining the RAM if there are 2 slots and see what happens. They look like they were pretty good machines in their day but their day is long gone. :)
  6. I agree with you. I really like the Compaq Armada. Guess it'll be my two projects for the next week or two. thanks g-paw.
  7. arcangel said:
    I agree with you. I really like the Compaq Armada. Guess it'll be my two projects for the next week or two. thanks g-paw.

    Should be fun. I googled the Amada, it got good reviews in 2001 and was selling for over $2000 so a good one to start with.
  8. There is a fundamental flaw in the motherboard design on several of the dells. One of the chips on the back side of the motherboard were designed too close to the case components and causes the board to flex at that area. Eventually the solder weakens and the system will fail to boot. To test if this is the problem, try booting with the laptop in a different orientation...such as on it's side, or upside down with the screen open, of course. If this seems to be the problem there are several ways you can resolder the affected area, and some without even taking the motherboard out.
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