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Hi I use a Toshiba Satellite M45-S351 and strangely my cd/dvd drive suddenly stopped working. It does not read any disc whatsoever. The disc is not the problem since I tested the disc myself on my desktop.

I've been striving on using Virtual Driver since then to do my daily routine.

Now I have a new hard drive that I want to replace my old one in my laptop. The problem now is that I cant use my Windows XP cd nor my Recovery Disc that came with the laptop since it cannot be read.

I tried updating my DVD Driver from the Toshiba website and the problem still exist. My other solution would be buying an external cd/dvd drive and use that in place for my Windows XP and Recovery Disc. The only problem is that I would not know how I can get the external to be read first when starting my computer since there is no BIOS setting for that option.
My other option was trying to detach the dvd drive and reattach and see if it works. But apparently I do not know how... and I do not want to go to stores to get it fixed since it'll take weeks including the service and hardware fees.

If you guys have any opinions or any suggestions that would help my drive get fixed, I would gladly appreciate it.
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  1. There should instructions for replacing the CD/DVD drive either in the manual or on the Toshiba website, can't believe it would be any harder than replacing a hard drive
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