video size & ram laptop questions

size issue 15" vs 17"
15" - pros - portability
           - adequate for my eyes
      cons - lack of drive space for backup due to real estate limitations
           - small screen

17" - pros - nice large screen
           - drive space raid mirror data options
           - much easier on my eyes
      cons - kinda heavy (understand that its meant to be a desktop replacement

Um, can't think of anything else in the pros/cons list.

If I go with the 15", how do I backup the drives from the laptops if it can only support 1 drive? I'm aware of external drives, but I'm really, really bad with backups which is why I like the raid 1 mirror option.

If I go with the 17", pluses are the large screen & capability to have 2 drives, but its weight does give me some food for thought. While 17" is portable, it is sort of an arkward kind of portability due to its weight.

I'm not really much of a gamer but I do like the big screen, I surf the internet more than I play. :)

I do have a 28" tv, is it possible to hook the laptop video to the tv screen (I don't have hdtv tho)? If so, this would make it more the 15" more practical than the 17".

Video - what's the highest resolution I should be looking for in 15" & 17" laptops?

On Ram, it looks like laptops seem to carry only 2 ram slots, is that right? so, 4gb would be the maximum for any laptop? I have seen specs by one laptop saying it had a max of 2gb.

would appreciate some comments on this
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  1. Pretty much all laptops have some form of video out whether it's VGA or DVI. 15'' @ 1680x1050, 17'' @1920x1200.Yes, most only have 2 slots and it depends on the laptop, but most can have up to 4gbs.
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