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I have to change my cellphone and mp3 player. I looked for all-in-one device. And i found Nokia 5800 XM. It has great performance/price index for my country. But i have to know something about headphones and 5800 relationship. Here is my question;

I want buy Sennheiser HD 448. It has 32 ohm impedance. But i am not perty sure; this telephone can supply requied power for 32 ohm? Is there volume lost with 5800 & hd 448?


P.s. Sorry for my bad English.
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    I got the 5530 which is the upgraded version of the 5800, but there's no 3G on the 5530. I use Sennheiser HD280 Pro and there is a huge difference in a dedicated mp3 player and the phone. The phone will be able to play it, but you're going to lose a lot of battery power, it won't last more than a few hours of constant music playing. The volume is not lost, but the quality is though.
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