Sound is skipping...

I have just purchased a second sound card (4.1 digital Soundblaster) and am running the onboard sound and the Sound blaster at the same time..

When i play music the sound jogs and skips beats through the 4.1 Soundblaster i can't understand why, i have updated the drivers.
The primary Sound device is the onboard sound but i need the second sound card for a certain program..

Asus a7v333
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  1. Probably some conflicting hardware/drivers etc. Have you tried each one separately?

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  2. just to make sure.... you tried more then one mp3 or whatever right? its just like mp3's that are skipping or overall every sound skips on the system?

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  3. Well basically i have this dJ mixing program which uses the speakers for the main music, and the headphones to preview the next song.. This works fine now but only when i stop using anyother program like MSN or Mirc which makes sounds.
    With them open it makes the music jog from both sound devices. I am pleased i have it sorted but however this surely means its a simple bug that can be fixed.
    The sound jogs in all programs not just this dJ Mixing program.

    Thanks for replies.
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