Moving to laptop worth it ?

Hi all,

Today I received an offer from my friend, to trade his notebook for my pc. I generally use my pc for playing games, like the Half Life series, Garrys Mod, Call of Duty 4 / 2, Assassins Creed, Prototype and some more. Now I ask you, would this trade be worth it ? A laptop would come in handy with school, even though this thing is pretty heavy. My main concern is preformance loss, anyone with experience ? The laptop is an Acer Aspire 5920G :
Beoogde doelgroep consument

Processorfamilie Intel Core 2 Duo
Processormodel T7300
Processorsnelheid (GHz) 2
Memory ( DDR2 667Mhz ) (GB) 2
Chipset Intel PM965
Turbo Memory 1 GB
Grafische chipset NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
Grafisch geheugen (MB) 256
Hard disk (GB) 160
Optische drive DVD multiwriter
Optische labeltechniek -
Netwerkaansluitingen 1x Fast Ethernet
Draadloze verbindingen 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth 1.0

Modemaansluiting ja
Schermtype TFT (Glanzend)
Schermformaat (inch) 15.4
USB-poorten 4
Overige aansluitingen USB 2.0
Windows Vista Home Premium

Against my pc:
See my sig :P

I hope you guys can help me out figuring out all the pro's and cons.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. For those who cant see my sig, like myself on the laptop, here they are:
    -AMD Athlon X2 6000+
    -Ati HD4770
    -Gigabyte MA78GM-s2h
    -SweeX 650 Watt powersupply
    -DVD player
    -Crappy case
    -Samsung Spinpoint 160gb 8mb cache
    -Seagate 500gb 16mb cache
    -Floppy drive
    - Normal speakerset ( no subwoofer ), keyboard, optical mouse, CRT screen.
    Pretty much everything is still covered with warranty, motherboard and graphics card are 1 month old ( new ).
  2. Halflife Vs school seems to be the main debate here.... Remember it need not be a straight switch get him to send some dollar your way.
  3. Laptop 8600mGT
    Half Life 2 - Episode 1: 1280x800: 70 fps
    and half life 2 doesn't really have as good graphics as the other games you pointed out.
    heres the benchmark for that gpu
    3D marks mobile gpu scored about 5k and 4770 scored about 14.5 (rounded)
    So i say no about trading your desktop with your gpu. You can find a good laptop with i say get a 9600mGT at least... I have one and for css i get a good 220+FPS!
    cpu for mobile
    your amd with your ati will outperform that laptop anyday!
  4. well, I can say for sure that your PC has better gaming specs compared to the laptop. My laptop's spec is extremely similar to your friend's laptop. I can play COD4 on decent specs but it can't handle any new games without lagging, even on low specs. If you are a hardcore PC gamer, then you probably should buy a gaming laptop for school, or if you can live with just old games or new games running on crappy details, then feel free to do the trade.
  5. Go for the trade, the specs are fine for gaming and a laptop gives you more flexibility
  6. I think it is important to mention that even thought your PC isn`t the newest, you are only a few hundred $$ in upgrades away from a powerhouse. While you didn`t mention that you were unhappy with your PC`s performance, I think you would be unhappy with that laptop... and you won`t be able to upgrade. Not to mention things like battery life/ theft/ dropping/ etc... and frankly most people with laptops (that I know) don`t take them to around as much as they should. Ultimately I don`t think people use the laptop`s only advantage, portability. If you really think it will be a help to you while you are in school then by all means, but I would think about picking up a cheap-o used laptop/ netbook *wince* before you gave up your PC. I hope you are happy with whatever you choose.
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