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I just installed windows 98 On my computer and I'm getting a Low memory error almost all the time. And when I go to performance to check it out, im running at about 80-90% but I did notice that there is a message in the white text box on the perfomance tab that enableing virtual memory may increase perfomance so i went into virtual memory but it says that windows is manageing it i then tried to do it myself and enable 10 gigs for virtual memory with a min of 0 rebooted and it still said that i should enable virtual memory i then completely disabled it and the system ran a bit better then renabled it and it still says its not on on the text box and im getting memory error. Any help would be apprecitaed.

P4 2.8GHZ 800MHZ FSB
MB p4c800 Deluxe
1GB DDR 433 Ram
Duel boot os
80GB WD in FAT 32 for windows 98
400GB Raid 0 NTFS For windows XP

XP runs fine its just 98, all drivers have been installed and I updated both 98 and xp fully.

Thanks Dev
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  1. That's got to be the longest sentence I've ever read. You are not making much sence to me. If you suspect a faulty memory module, try running memtest.

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  2. I highly doubt that there is anything wrong with the memory itself. Pretty much I wanted to know if there was a known issue with haveing to much ram or ram that runs to fast, for win98. Also is there some way to activate virtual memory other than control pannels system performance virtual memory? Otherwise i think im going to have to reformate again which will suck.
  3. Sorry, I guess I missed the part where you explain that XP is running ok. Well, in that case it does seem that 98 has a problem. Weird. I havent used 98 for many years. I don't know if it has a problem with too much mem.

    Do you use one or more memory modules? Try reducing the amount of memory. You could also try posting your problem in the Windows forum.

    <i><b>Engineering is the fine art of making what you want from things you can get</b></i>
  4. Yes windows 98 has a problem with over 512MB of RAM.

    There is plenty of info on the net about it.

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  5. HammerBot - I use 2 sticks but I'm not sure how my system would work if I took one out as I use both inorder to use my cpu at 800MHZ fsb....

    Flinx - Is there any way around the 512mb issue?

    Both - Ya I havn't used 98 since xp came out so I'm not up on it. lol I havnt used 98 since I had a 600MHZ computer. And the reason I'm loading 98 back up is for a few old games and the fact that the ms sidewinder ffb 1 doesnt work on xp for ffb.

    Well if you guys have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.

  6. Hey, I did a bit more reasurch on the problem and figured out how to fix it. For those interested. Start-run-msconfig-advanced. Check limit ram and enter 512
    thanks for the responces.
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