Why is my first Verizon bill so high?

My mom just signed up for a new Verizon service a week ago. They said the bill would be around 40$ a month, but when we just checked online it said the bill to be paid is 84 something dollars. Is that just for the first month??
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  1. Roaming charges would be my first guess, or perhaps exceeding your data caps, or both. That's why the amount they quote you is almost always bogus.
  2. So its not just for the first bill?
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  4. INSTEAD of us guessing look at the bill online? I have Verizon... when I first signed up I was amazed when I saw my first bill balance then while looking at the charges it made more sense.

    Look for activation fees. Were they promised to be waived? Probably not. Most carriers activation fees are $35.00 unless you sign up under some promotion. If they were promised to be waived take your copy of the contract and go see the retailer where purchased! They can handle it. If they refuse to call in or go to the Official Verizon retail store.
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