Looking for a new phone.

Well my Samsung sch-a950 is dying on me and I may need a new phone soon. I've really only used it as a phone and want to continue to do so with the next phone I purchase. I'm currently using Verizon and I don't know if that will restrict my choices for phones... I really only want to be able to connect the thing to my computer and put data / ringtones I've created/ maybe a little music... etc etc without going through a giant amount of bs like I had to with my current phone. I would be fairly willing to look at new carriers as well if Verizon is fairly restrictive. For the time being, lets just say price isn't tooooo much of a limitation just so I can see what options exist.

Thanks in advance for the help.

PS: I'm really not too familiar with phones and such at the moment... Would an unlocked version of a certain phone probably be my best bet. I'm just sick of using all kinds of third party, drm enabled, annoying software and subscriptions to the carriers.
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