Office 2003 Compatibility with Windows 7?

I have a Microsoft Office 2003 Student and Teacher edition. Will this work if I buy a new PC with windows 7?

If it will not work, please provide a link where I can buy a 2007 office standard edition at a good price that can be upgraded to the 2010 edition for free. Thanks.

My daughter is still in high school so I don't think we qualify for the student price and my wife is a part time teacher but I don't know if that gets us any discount opportunity.
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  1. Yep, works well in Windows 7.

    As for Office 2007, wait and get office 2010 in a few months if your pc is reasonably powerful.
  2. went from 2003 to 2007 to much garbage, I wish W7 could run OFFICE XP, as for 2010, I dunno
  3. Office 2003 shouldn't have any issues at all in Windows 7. Office 2007 Home and Student is usually reasonably priced and you can buy retail copies that will install on up to three computers.
  4. I am using Office 2003 in Win 7 Home premium for past 5 months!

    All fine! Installed Comatibility pack for 2007 file formats also!
    Not even a single issue!

    Office 2003 rocks with Windows 7.
  5. My employer runs Office 2003 Professional on Windows 7 with no issues. I do recommend downloading the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack so you can open documents created in newer versions of Office programs.
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