A while ago, I built a PC. MY friend installed windows 7 ultimate on it. Now, I am getting a message that is saying my computer is not genuine. I have already ordered genuine windows 7 Ultimate, but I have another problem. When I turn on my computer, and log into my account, the login works, but there is 45 seconds of the welcome screen, and then I am stuck with a black screen with just the non genuine message on it for exactly 15 minutes. I can use the ctrl + alt + del to get to that menu, but I can't do anything else at all, for 15 minutes. I have no taskbar, no icons, nothing! After the 15 minutes it works perfectly. I have already done 6 sfc/scannow's,
checked the registry (unless I checed the wrong one). Startup repair. I don't want to do system restore, because prior to this issue, my computer was locking up. What would you suggest I do?
Also, when I get my windows disk and key, if I put it into the "Activate Windows" application, will it fix this, or will I have to do a fresh install instead? I am pretty sure a fresh install would fix all issues right? (as long as I backup what stuff I need).
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  1. I am reasonably sure that what you're experiencing is just a result of the pirated copy of Windows. So once you use a legit product key to generate a new activation code, I would expect things to go back to "normal".

    If not, then I would start scanning for malware as well as viruses (two different types of threat).
  2. Thank you, that is what my dad's tech dude...person...guy said. Also, which program would you suggest to use to scan for malware, or could I use security essentials once my legit copy comes in the mail?
  3. You stole windows and complain what you thieved is faulty?

    Dont be a thief and you wont have this issue
  4. I would start with Malwarebytes, and then I'm sure others will have different suggestions as well. AV programs are generally pretty bottom of the barrel when it comes to detecting malware.
  5. Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 (it's free for noncomercial use), burn it to a CD, then boot the computer from the CD -- it is very good at finding and eliminating most problems, even those like Shutdowner that prevent booting.
  6. wr6133 said:
    You stole windows and complain what you thieved is faulty?

    Dont be a thief and you wont have this issue

    His original post doesn't say this, it mentions that someone else installed it. Whether or not this 'other person' is the same as OP is pointless- he's using a pirated version of windows.

    To be perfectly honest, your identity and personal information has been at risk the day you logged on the first time and used the internet for anything secure- email, banking, etc that requires a password. Pirated versions of windows are well known to contain trojans, key loggers and other malware that can possibly capture info and forward to a specified recipient.

    Stop using the PC immediately and do not use it again until you do a full format and reinstall of a valid versions of Windows. Only safe way.

    I also am suspicious that you would build a PC and 'someone else' would install the pirated OS.
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