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Hi, I have what I believe is a rather unique situation. Iv'e built a very powerful computer tower, and have it connected to my T.V. so that I can access the normal computer desktop from my loungeroom (its also the only place for the tower so that it can plug into the network via ethernet.
I now wish to setup a 3 monitor LCD setup in my office, which is about 7- 10metres away. But id like to connect it to the same tower. Is there any method of wirelessly transmitting hmdi, dvi or other graphics connection signals for three independent screens to all operate at once (or is it possible to use the house electrical wiring to transfer these signals successfully? And if it is possible is there also one that would accommodate the sending of a usb signal as I have a spare plug in keyboard (failing this yes I realise I can just go and purchase a bluetooth keyboard.
Thankyou for any insight anyone can offer.
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  1. Wireless won't work, it's too far away and any wireless video signal boxes require them to be line of sight.

    All the equipment to run the monitors will cost you the same as a second computer. Just get another PC for that room.

    Or move the computer to the other room and run a HDMI cable to the TV and use a tablet for remote control of the computer.
  2. Take the high end and put it in the office, than make an HTPC computer for the TV, problem solved.
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