KT7 Memory Upgrade

Hey folks...

Bought some Centon memory for my fathers computer. He has a KT7 board and when I install an power up, nothing on the display and a repetative beep about 2 seconds apart.

Checked the Centon board and confirmed it is the correct memory.

What am I missing?
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  1. Just shooting in the dark here because you really haven't provided enough information to truly help you, but here goes.

    If the total RAM exceeds 512Mb and you're running Win9X thats your problem, drop the total amount of RAM to 512Mb or use Win2K or WinXP.

    The RAM itself may be the right type, but not compatable to run with the other RAM you already had in the system if you're still running the older RAM.

    You may need to adjust the RAM settings in the CMOS setup they may be too aggressive.

    Try the sticks individually.

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