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Hey guys, I am hoping you can help me out here.

I have Windows 7 Enterprise N on a PC that was given to me and now I'm trying to get it off. I was using it fine until I became aware that since it is a volume license product. Now it won't let me apply any windows service pack updates and I'm not sure if that will become a hindrance in the future. Also it has bitlocker and unix application that I really don't need.

So, I went out and bought Windows 7 Ultimate, but here's my question, can I just upgrade/update? Or do I have to do a fresh install? If I do have to do a fresh install, is there a certain way or type of backup that will let me keep all of my software? Or will I have to go through the hours of reinstalling all the software and such again?

Maybe a more detailed backup or something? I"m new to this process all together >.< as I've never installed an OS or done a backup before.
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  1. It would be better to format and do a clean install. When you're dealing with pirated software, you never know what fun little surprised might have been included along with the circumvention of the piracy countermeasures.
  2. I know and I plan on doing that, my question was about the best way to get all of my files/software I have on here now. I have a good 100 gigs of file, music, software, games, and documents that I would like to save and not have to redo/find all over again. What is the most streamlined way to backup/save and reinstall? And how long will it take to install a new clean OS?
  3. If you have plenty free space on your HDD create a new partition and install Windows Ultimate there. You will then have access to all your data and saved games, and can remove the old Windows Install at your leisure. Personally I prefer Easeus Partition Manager to create/resize partitions
    Once your Windows has installed, download all drivers from your Motherboard Manufacturer's website. (You may have to do this on a separate PC, or do so using your present Installation and store them in a folder where you can find them easily from your new installation)
    Download and install Anti Virus.
    Run Windows Update and search for new updates continually until your system is up to date. You'll have to re-install games etc. Make a note of the new partition's size before you install, it may not be obvious which one when you are asked 'Where do you want to install Windows'.
    I would set aside a day to complete, lots of waiting to do!
  4. Yeah I will have to just do a clean install, get what I can on jump drives and dvd-r's because it MIGHT have 10 gigs free. (only like a 120 gig hard drive)
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