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Hi. I probably know the ans, but just wanted to be a 110% sure. The HD of my dell inspiron 6400 will be replaced next week as its heading for a head crash. Its still under warranty (as its only 5 months old). But I had repartitioned the HD to my own liking so i could have dual boot of vista with XP. so they wont question this will they? thanks
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  1. As long as the there is no physical damage shouldn't be a problem. You could use the recovery or XP disk to format the hard drive, which has the added advantage of getting rid of your personal stuff. The data could be recovered but no likely anyone would take the time to do it because if would take more work than it's worth. At least no one can just start the machine and get to your data
  2. thanks. The drive is still working ok, its in the early stage of its death lol. thanks
  3. Good luck with it
  4. What brand of drive was it for information sake?
  5. I had a seagate 100GB ST910021AS, now they replaced it with a hitachi 100gb hts721010g9sa00
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