Help! Drivers for Sony VAIO Z1 Series???

HELP! :non:

I have just reinstalled my Sony VAIO Z1 Notebook, however, I have lost the recovery CDs.

I have managed to find the basic drivers. However I am unable to find:
1. Hotkey software
2. Program Shortcut Keys

I've called up Sony, who told me the software is only available from the CD, and the CD will set me back by around $40US! :fou:

Does anyone know where to download them, or does anyone who also has this model and can send the software to me?

With many thanks!!!
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  1. I have the same problem with the same model. Sony sucks ... since the release of this laptop, there is no bios update. DVD ROM drive is so sensitive that it cant play most video smoothly. No support whatsover. Utility key cant be downloaded online-- as if the software can be used on other products. This is ridiculous.....

    Z1RA BIOS doesnt support HDD more than 128GB!! If you intend to upgrade, make sure u buy the 120GB, not to waste money. They should have upgraded the BIOS to support 48 Bit LBA.

    My gf's TR1A webcam and dvd rom became faulty right after 1 year. I did a google found that many Tr1a owners having the same problems. They are selling design defective products and yet no one sue them.

    I will never buy sony products anymore. Once cheated, twice shy.
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